Access Control

Access Control, in this industry is the act of controlling access to only specified persons. Access control is performed with the use of electronic locks, such as door strikes or mag locks. Either controlled by a keypad at the door handle or by a key pad or card reader close by. Hospitals use electronic locks, airports use electronic locks even gas stations use a magnetic lock. Access control can be used for safety reasons or privacy reason. Depending on the occupant's needs.

Access Control and egress systems allow you to prevent intrusions from people you do not need at your facility or place of business. Some egress systems give you a log of who has been in or out of your place of business and what time they passed through your door.

These egress systems can consist of motion sensors,proximity card readers, push button exit devices and a variety of locks from magnetic door locks to electronic locks with failsafe or fail secure locking rulings.

Motion sensors are designed to reliably release magnetic locks. A person approaching the door is "seen" by the motion detector just before reaching the door.

When movement is detected in the path of the motion sensor, the lock is released and the door is ready to be opened. This removes the need for a key or keypad or the act of manually unlocking a door, or having a staff member appointed this position.

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Note:- A proximity card or prox card is a smart card which can be read without inserting the card into a reader device, a simple tap against the reader is typically all that is needed. A proximity card or prox card is used for identifying the people who enter (and sometimes exit) your buildings. Helping prevent unwanted or curious people from entering your facility or place of business. We can Have your Employee's cards to you in as little as 4 days. Proximity cards and card readers are used to unlock electronic locks with verification to grant access into secured locations. The locks associated with Proximity cards and readers can range through a large variety of electronic locks to start with magnetic door locks. Usually called Mag Locks.

So, What's to gain?

  • Secure premises
  • Controlled flow
  • Head count
  • Notice when anyone enters or leaves
  • Can be used along side of security cameras for verification.
  • Can be used to keep track of on-site time.
  • Can be used to keep track of attendance.
  • Can be used to prevent loss.