Security Camera Company

We install Security Cameras in Texas. We are based in Houston Texas and travel to Dallas, Corpus, Austin, and San Antonio. We've been installing security cameras since 2007. License plate cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras, eyeball cameras, Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras.

Security Camera Company


Fire Alarm Inspections. Fire Alarm System inspections by a company equipped and trained to inspect your fire alarm system at your best schedule to keep you code compliant.


Our installation crew covers our industry. Fire Alarm, Access Control, Security Cameras, Burglar Alarms, and networking, TEAMWired installs them..


Alarm System Monitoring. We can now introduce you to an "All in One" monitoring package. You can have your Fire alarm system monitored, security system monitored and your security cameras monitored. All in one single bill.

Security Cameras

We install security cameras in Houston Texas.

EAMWired offers custom security camera installation for our customers that are in need of a camera system. With the right dvr to record footage and a good set of cameras, you can record high quality video evidence.

We offer cloud based solutions for your camera system for backup, we offer NVR and DVR solutions too.

What we provide you is quality installation, and clear useful video footage. Allowing you to get a much better quality video for your store, at a far better price. All too often people buy some super discount deal and self install their systems, and in the end they get a low quality camera system at the same (or more) cost as if they bought from a professional. With no service agreements, budget DVR/NVR and budget wiring. The end result can be poor or unusable or non-existent footage when the time comes the footage is needed. The biggest difference between consumer grade and commercial grade is quality.

Security Cameras

Benefits of a Good Video Recorder

Locations that could experience shoplifting or theft or possible damage on a regular basis, or life threatening situations, these are locations that can use our camera and dvr packages the most. Sometimes you just need to go back through and see the play-by-play. Sometimes you need to see what happened

Higher quality lasts longer.

Higher quality Video recorder, better image/footage.

Good recording device
Good Cameras

Purpose of Good Cameras

If you have ever noticed that surveillance footage in the news is always grainy and rough or quite useless. This can be prevented with good cameras and digital video recorder. Our systems are better detailed and better warrantied at a cost that is comparable to the kinds of dvr and camera that can be bought by the public in retail.

Not only do they look better, they get better footage and last longer.

Higher quality Camera, better image/footage.

Security Camera Company

TEAMWired installs, maintains and upgrades Security Camera Systems to the latest DVR or NVR equipment.

With highest quality cameras on the market and well vetted installers, TEAMWired leads in a security camera installation.

Tell us what you would like, and we can make that happen.

Security Cameras

We are Hiring

TEAMWired is Hiring knowledgeable technicians ready to learn and earn. We have vans ready for your use and jobs that can bring you into a better company. Elevate your career and join TEAMWired

Security camera company in Houston Hiring

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