NFPA 72 2013 14.2.13 The purpose of periodic inspections is to assure that obvious damages or changes that might affect the system operability are visually identified.

Fire alarm inspections


Fire Alarm Inspections. Fire Alarm System inspections by a company equipped and trained to inspect your fire alarm system at your best schedule to keep you code compliant.


Our installation crew covers our industry. Fire Alarm, Access Control, Security Cameras, Burglar Alarms, and networking, TEAMWired installs them..


Alarm System Monitoring. We can now introduce you to an "All in One" monitoring package. You can have your Fire alarm system monitored, security system monitored and your security cameras monitored. All in one single bill.

What is The Compliance Engine?

The Compliance Engine (or TCE) is a tool created to simplify the code official's process of maintaining compliance within the official's jurisdiction.

It is an online based listing of properties that do not meet code or have failed in inspections and tests.

How long has it been since your last fire alarm inspection ?

If your system gets red tagged, the information gets sent to the compliance engine to contact the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Often this would be the fire marshal over your area, or other building officials.

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Harris County and The Compliance Engine

Fire alarm systems require scheduled testing and inspections.

These tests and inspections can be scheduled to keep your schedule routine and easy to meet your expected intervals.

This helps keep your building up to code and standard.

Fire Alarm
Security alarm

What to Do

If you are contacted by The Compliance Engine, contact TEAMWired's Fire Alarm Service Department

We have fully integrated The Compliance Engine into our process in a way that could only enhance our promptness for your fire alarm system care. Harris County and 19 other locations in Texas (currently) are using the Compliance Engine.

Our company license is valid for the entire state of Texas. We are ready to work anywhere in the state of Texas with The Compliance Engine notices from Brycer.

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Fire alarm

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