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Fire Alarm Jobs

Join our TEAM. We currently need strong skilled technicians for fire alarm installation and service positions. Experienced Fire Alarm Technicians that know the industry and how to work with helpers.

We are hiring technicians that can be scheduled for installation and pick up their staged items, read the drawings and know what's going to need to happen, yet not afraid to ask important questions before leaving the warehouse.


TEAMWired is hiring for fire alarm technician spot.

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  • Fire Alarm Technician Van


    FIRE ALARM Technician requirements

    Must know how to install fire alarm systems.

    . Must be licensed by the state of Texas (APS,RAS,FAL) Must be familiar with major brands. Brand certification a great plus
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    CAMERA Installers requirements

    Must know how to service and install cameras, DVRs, NVRs, camera networking, and remote app set-up.

  • 3

    ACCESS CONTROL Installers requirements

    Must know how to install and service Access Control and electronic lock systems.

    From Card-readers to keypads. Mag locks to door strikes. Motion sensors and exit buttons. All major brands.
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    Service Techs

    We'd love to have a few techs that can be moved to any spot and jump right in. Be it camera installation, keypad diagnosis, or networking.

  • TEAMWired is Hiring

    13624 Perry road Houston, Texas 77070

    This hiring form is to make sure someone in the office gets your contact information. There will be another, more complete application when you are interviewed.

    TEAMWired will contact you with what information you leave. So be sure to leave good contact information.

    Fire Alarm Technician Van

    TEAMWired is currently hiring fire alarm installers and experienced access control service technicians. CCTV Installers with Analog and Digital experience.. Experienced new construction sales, build-out Sales, and service sales.

Feilds you are needed in

Fire ALarm Panel

Fire Alarm

We need people who can install and people who can inspect fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm
Security Camera Display


We need people who can install and service camera systems. I.P. camera understanding is a requirement.

Houston Fire Alarm

Security and Access Control

You are needed to know electronic locks, motion sensors, glass breaks, card readers,keypads and door contacts. A Thorough understanding of Access Control.



We are hiring fire alarm installers and fire alarm service. Come join our TEAM.