These are the permits that TEAMWired currently has for download, for customers to use:

It is the property owner's duty (or appointed person) to fill out the proper forms and transmit them to the authority in your local jurisdiction.

City of Conroe Burglar Alarm Permit Application
Fort Bend County Burglar Alarm Permit Application
Harris County Burglar Alarm Permit Application
City of Houston Burglar Alarm Permit Application
City of Houston Fire Alarm Permit Application
League City Burglar Alarm Permit Application
Magnolia Texas Alarm Permit Application
Montgomery County Burglar Alarm Permit Application
Pasadena Burglar Alarm Permit Application
Pasadena Fire Alarm Permit Application
Pearland Burglar Alarm Permit Application
Tomball Burglar Alarm Permit Application

For more detail, use the drop down and follow instructions

Process and Responsibilities for End User

    Updating your company permit is a crucial part of remaining open to the public. Your installation company can only go so far. Keeping up the permits is the responsibility of the property owner. The instalation company does not have the authority to keep up another company's permits. Please follow the instructions on the right.

  • 1st. Click links to begin download.
  • 2nd. Fill-in the information the form is requesting.
  • 3rd. Transmit the form to AHJ. Mail/Email/ Hand deliver.
  • 4th. Obtain proof of submission and acceptance.
  • 5th. Ask AHJ about frequency of submissions.
  • 6th. Retain such data for next year or next submission period.

New Installation

Our New installation includes unique advanced design, clean installation, mature installation team, Instructions that are thorough and easily understood, and a support crew ready to answer any question. The workmanship of our installers surpasses all.

Addition to existing

Installers that add via build-out or expansion of an existing fire alarm system. Our installers are state licensed and certified by many manufactures. We focus on training and excel at workmanship. Fire safety and codes always at the forefront. TEAMWIred, Your fire alarm installers.

We install,inspect,repair, and upgrade fire alarm systems in Houston, Texas.

TEAMWired has specialists in every field of our industry, each one with great techniques and licenses to make sure your system is correct and clean.

Visit our fire alarm installation page to see how we strive to keep your site safe from fire related accidents.