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Houston Electronic Safety and Security Company

TEAMWired has been providing the Harris County,Houston, Fort Bend, Montgomery County, and local areas with Access control, Fire Alarm and Security Alarm services since 2007.

Our Texas wide fire alarm installation has our trucks rolling to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio Weekly. We have no trouble traveling the state of Texas.

Our TEAM is comprised of skilled technicians, a knowledgeable sales force, dedicated management, licensed and certified design TEAM with extensive training in code and standards from the top two schools with credentials to match. All members exude a skill base of knowledge, accuracy, workmanship, productivity, and pride in our company and our work.

TeamWired has 24/7 emergency service members and equipment on loan while parts are ordered or customer's equipment is being repaired to prevent any downtime. This is a TEAMWired service that is unmatched.

From sales and installation to service and monitoring we are courteous and thoughtful to our client's needs. Providing this service helps us achieve one of the best reputations in the industry. We recognize that true service starts with listening to our customers. Let us know how we can serve you better! Our installers are waiting for something new.

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    TEAMWired installs Fire Alarm systems and provides system monitoring services also provide inspection services for your current fire alarm systems. We are the leading Houston Fire Alarm Company.

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    TEAMWired installs, maintains and upgrades Security Camera Systems to the latest DVR or NVR equipment.

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    Access Control. TEAMWired can install your electronic door locks and have them permitted in a timely fashion. Our service department also performs repairs and upgrades to access systems.

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    Fire Alarm Design

    Fire Alarm Design in Texas. TEAMWired designs fire alarm systems for architects, engineers, fire alarm companies, property management companies, and property owners. See our Design Flyer.

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    Alarm Monitoring

    Alarm System Monitoring. We can now introduce you to an "All in One" monitoring package. You can have your Fire alarm system monitored, security system monitored and your security cameras monitored. All in one single bill.

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    Fire Alarm Inspections

    Fire Alarm Inspections. Fire Alarm System inspections by a company equipped and trained to inspect your fire alarm system at your best schedule to keep you code compliant.

Our Services

Vigilant Fire ALarm Panel


Alarm your premises, property, belongings, employees and help prevent personal injury by staying within code, is always #1 priority. Fire Alarm Installations done right. Per bid, NFPA per IFC and local AHJ.

Fire Alarm
Video Camera Display


With a strategically installed high quality camera system in conjunction with quality recorder, NVR or DVR, you can have evidence of events within the scope of the camera angle.

Security Alarm


Installation of a keypad or card reader in addition to an electronic door lock provides the peace of mind knowing unauthorized users will be deterred from entrance without proper identification.



Our designers, installers, service and repair technicians, and inspectors all have something in common. TEAMWork.

TEAMWired keeps TEAMWork a high priority. We work well together. We make sure all jobs go well and everyone understands what is going on at every point of everyone's duties. Our TEAM is there for each other. Our TEAM is there for our TEAM.

We all take pride in a happy customer.